Real Time Building Energy Simulation Software Platform

Executive Summary: We are so confident that this physics-based software will identify both operational and capital improvements that will save you money - that we will install it at no cost in a single building, for owners who own a large portfolio of properties. The software can connect to all significant data sources and runs millions of simulation calculations to determine your building's ideal configuration, enabling you to predict energy usage with 98% accuracy. 

Real Time Building Energy Simulation

Real Time Building Energy Simulation

For large portfolios of commercial and governmental properties, we offer a highly accurate building energy simulation software platform that works with your existing equipment and controls.

We start by creating a virtual copy of your building based on the building's architectural and electrical line drawings.

We then extract live electricity usage and settings data from your Building Automation System, from proprietary high and low voltage Power Meters strategically positioned throughout your building; and from your Existing Gas/Electric Meters. All of this data is consolidated in an onsite Gateway and transmitted to the cloud where it joins with your building's architectural, GIS Weather Data and Utility Bill data. 

With what is now millions of data points, hundreds of simulation runs make over a trillion calculations to determine your optimal Energy Conservation Measures with about 98% accuracy. This program is embraced by engineers because it provides unparalleled building operations granular detail, enabling them to optimize their building management.  

Engineering and Finance Users may design their individual live data screens and even run "What if ?" scenarios - such as "What if we replace the chiller, what would be the engineering and financial results." Post improvement Continuous Monitoring & Verification are also a part of the initial package.

The building simulation software is not restricted geographically or by building ownership. It may be used by both public and private entities with a portfolio of properties.

Building Energy Simulation Summary

  • Complete physics-based, dynamic software building simulation program is accurate at the building and equipment level
  • Proprietary hardware and software platform
  • Enables owners to find, forecast, and verify the energy consumption impact of building retrofits with unmatched accuracy and detail
  • Factors in millions of data points into hundreds of simulation runs and over a trillion calculations for each building
  • > 98% accuracy target for building energy usage

Selecting Best in Class Energy Efficiency Products and Services

To make each building in your portfolio more energy efficient we can offer best in class products such as a complete line interior/exterior building and garage L70 200,000 hour LED Lights that are the highest quality and longest lasting product in the industry; the latest 3M line of window film and a selection of HVAC variable speed products that meet every need and come from every major manufacturer.  In addition, we offer a water valve that will reduce your water cost by 5-15%.

Coupling Building Energy Efficiency Improvements with PACE Financing

For private entities located within a PACE district, once the fact-based recommendations are adjusted and accepted by management, qualifying non-public entities may then apply for a PACE loan to obtain up to 100% financing for the entire project. The term of the loan would be based on the weighted average useful life of the adopted measures.

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