About Commercial Energy Efficiency Loans and Financing

The Scientific American did an article on PACE called "Stepping into the Arena of Climate Change Education". It was by Mary Ann McGarry and published in their August 29, 2013 issue.

Scientific American PACE Article on Property Assessed Clean Energy

This quote from Ms. McGarry article is germane to the readers of this site.

"The US has the opportunity to develop an energy plan with incentives that promote a more sustainable lifestyle than is the current cultural norm- a lifestyle where it is expected that your home will be energy efficient and you will drive an electric car. We must start by eliminating financing as the major hurdle to doing the right thing for energy use. The PACE (Property Assessed Clean Energy) program let’s property owners fold the cost of energy improvements into their property taxes. PACE financing allows an owner to reduce their energy use on day 1, but pay for it over years."