First Hotel in Houston to use PACE Financing

Congratulations to Houston and the Regency Inn Hotel

"The City of Houston adds another project to its TX-PACE portfolio with the closing of a $135,000 project at the Regency Inn & Suites. This is the first hotel to utilize the TX-PACE program and the first solar project for the City of Houston's TX-PACE program.

"The project will add a 45 kW solar power system that will offset a portion of the hotel's electric usage and help insulate the business from volatility in the power market. The availability of incentives and tax deductions are further motivating hotels around the country to invest in solar, providing a mechanism to strategically allocate resources while decreasing carbon footprint.

"The Regency Inn Hotel, located at 3617 E. Crosstimbers Street, will benefit from utility savings and tax incentives of more than $250,000 over the project's useful life. The project will be financed over an 18-year term."

Source Quoted: Texas PACE Authority