Accurate Water Valve

All municipal water lines deliver large quantities of turbulent air bubbles mixed in with the water.  Water meters do not distinguish between water and the turbulent air -  meaning that the building owner/occupant pays for water they do not receive.  A patented valve technology solves that problem by making the water meter read more accurately. It thus provides the building owner an immediate reduction in their water bill expense.  

The unique valve is installed on the property owner’s side of and near the meter.  We guarantee a 5% reduction in your bill with 15% being more typical, provide a 10 year product warranty and generally see paybacks of about 18 months.  If you email us the last 12 months of bills, we will prepare a customized proposal for your review. Please send your email to

While not a water conservation measure, our Accurate Water Valve is a cost savings measure because it transforms the flow of the air in the water into smaller bubbles, that now move in straight lines, so that the meter and your bill show more accurate and lower water readings.

The patented process is simple. With the valve is installed on the building side of the meter, its proprietary oscillation assembly converts turbulent flow to laminar flow thus increasing the accuracy of the meter readings as measured by single jet, multi-jet and turbine category positive displacement water meters.

Key Points

  • Typical Savings are between 12-20%
  • 5% Guaranteed Savings
  • 10 year Warranty
  • 18 months Average Payback
  • Used in over 2000 location

Key Message

Buy Water, not Air!

Laminar vs. Turbulent Flow

Laminar and turbulent flows are the two major forms of fluid flow. Laminar flow is an orderly flow with all the fluid molecules moving in parallel to the direction of the primary flow. In a turbulent flow, the water contains eddies and unpredictable currents moving in various different directions other than the overall direction of flow.  This product converts turbulent flow to a laminar flow.

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