What We Do: We provide the below products and services to make commercial buildings more energy and water efficient; increasing cash flow, NOI, property marketability; using 100% fixed rate long term PACE (Property Assessed Clean Energy) financing where available. 

Products and Services

MEP Engineering     ASHRAE Level I, II & III Audits and full service MEP (Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing) Engineering & Design. Professional Engineering Services for single buildings or portfolios.

Building Simulation and Energy Optimization SAAS Highly accurate physics-based simulation and predictive software runs trillions of calculations on 80-100 million building data points/month to identify previously hidden ECM’s, and to perform Continuous M&V thus combatting drift.

HVAC    Design, installation and service of Heating, Ventilating, Air Conditioning & Controls.

LED Lights    World’s highest-quality, longest-lasting interior & exterior lights that have the lowest Life Cycle cost. USA design & warranty.  

CCHP - Combined Cooling Heating & Power    Scalable and reliable electricity generator and HVAC condensor powered by natural gas or propane; built-in inverter also works with wind or solar; Built in battery bank provides UPS (Uninterruptible Power).

Window Film    Industry pioneer 3M film addresses heat, glare, security, even redirecting natural light into interior spaces. Reduce HVAC load, increasing comfort with high ROI.

Water Bill Reduction    This water flow management device (FMD) will decrease your water bills by 5% guaranteed (15% typical) by rearranging the way the water and air flow in the pipe. 

Freezer Cold Storage    Managing the thaw/freeze threshold is critical for freezer energy efficiency. This low-cost, high-impact, minimally-invasive software/hardware solution will decrease peak load charges/maximize efficiency.  

PACE 100% Energy Efficiency Financing

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Tim Crockett 

“We provide the building owner with a full line of energy and water saving technologies, and financing, to reduce their energy, water and maintenance spend and accelerate the realization of the finanicial benefits for the building owner."  

Tim Crockett

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