We offer energy and water efficiency products and services that increase commercial property cash flow, NOI, and marketability to lower the property cap rate and increase the investor's property value. We facilitate competitive commercial property access to 100% fixed rate long term PACE (Property Assessed Clean Energy) financing. 

Energy Auditing

ASHRAE Level I, II & III Surveys,  LEED Certification and Commissioning and Retrocommissioning. Our audits are done in consultation with leading service providers to enable an accurate payback analysis, a more focused bid process and make the audit exercise more than an academic endeavor.   


Our strategic partners can work directly with you to Design, Install and Service Heating, Ventilating, Air Conditioning Systems & Controls so you may cost effectively implement the energy audit recommendations.

CCHP - Combined Cooling Heating & Power 

For split system applications, this product is more than just Emergency Backup, it provides scalable and reliable electricity generation.   The system contains an internal HVAC condenser and captures excess heat. Because it has a built-in inverter, it  also works with wind or solar; Built in battery bank provides UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply).

LED Lights 

High quality longest-lasting interior & exterior lights that have the low Life Cycle cost. 

Window Film

Industry pioneer, 3M Film, addresses: heat, glare, security, privacy even redirecting natural light into interior spaces. Reduce HVAC load, increasing comfort with high ROI.

PACE 100% Energy Efficiency Financing

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Tim Crockett 

“We provide the building owner with engineering, modeling, a full line of energy and water saving technologies, and financing, to reduce their energy, water and maintenance spend to accelerate their finanicial returns."  

Tim Crockett

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