For Houston properties, how do I tell if my property falls within the Houston PACE District?

One question that is frequently asked is:

"How do I tell if a property is located in a geographic area that supports PACE, that is the Houston PACE district?"

After you have read the below instructions, you may click on the Interactive Map link at the bottom of this section which will open the City of Houston map in a new browser window.

City of Houston Interactive Map Instructions

1. From the Layer icon on the top left, select both Legend
2. Type in your address
4. A property location description will then be displayed. To be eligible for PACE, the property needs to be either in the Houston City Limits or in the Houston ETJ. If it is in a City Council District, it is in the City of Houston. If it says Houston ETJ, it is in the Extraterritorial Jurisdiction of Houston. Both locations qualify.

Of course, ultimately you will need to further confirm this information with legal counsel.