Permeable Paving with Integrated Water Retention 

The Problem - Impermeable surfaces

Urban watersheds contain vast amounts of impervious rooftops, roadways and parking lots that increase runoff and contribute to flooding. There are insufficient detention ponds and they take up valuable land.

Picture a perfect solution - Permeable Paving

Available with or without Grass

TRUEGRID Tire on Grass.jpg


The Product – A Permeable Grid and Storage System


The TRUEGRID system includes the grid and the substrate beneath it - a highly permeable stabilized surface that, when combined with a clean angular aggregate substrate, reduces or eliminates storm water runoff volume and the peak runoff rate, allowing more time for the soil to absorb water. 

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The Solution - A Permeable Surface +  

“Where-It-Falls” In Situ Water Detention

TRUEGRID captures and stores rain water where it falls - beneath the roadway or parking surface. By selecting the appropriate depth of the aggregate, the amount of below-surface storage may be customized for each application. A clean, angular aggregate allows for water storage equal to 40% of its volume -  20 inches of aggregate can absorb the first 8 inches of rain. The aggregate may be laid over porous soil (allowing infiltration) or over existing lower-grade parking or roadway areas - to raise the grade and create a detention structure allowing for a gradual release of the water. 

We believe this product can be highly beneficial to commercial developers and property owners.

TRUEGRID Tire on Permeable Grid.jpg

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