Houston City Council unanimously passed its Resolution of Intent to create a PACE program in Houston

Dated October 14, 2015.

Houston City Council unanimously passed "Resolution of Intent" to create a PACE program. Councilman Christie and Mayor Parker shared their positive comments.

Councilman Christie "Incentivize energy conservation - incentivize water conservation. There is [required projected energy savings] ... enough to pay for the loans. This is a win-win situation."

Mayor Parker: "The City has to create it. There are no city dollars involved. We create the platform and the private sector does its work."

A PACE hearing is scheduled forWednesday, October 21st.

Councilman Christie first points out that this program gives the private sector opportunity "carrots" without using tax dollars "sticks".



City of Houston Adopts PACE in Houston - Councilman Jack Christie